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Pregnancy yoga classes at Islington Yoga started in 2002. Karen began teaching pregnancy yoga in Sydney, Australia in 1997 and then from 2002 when she moved to Islington, Angel. Her knowledge of what is important for women to focus on in their yoga practice during pregnancy has helped many women to have the natural birth they wished for, and to cope successfully in situations when difficulties arose during the labour.

The key to this success lies in the development of a fluid, open and responsive mind cultivated through the yoga practice that incorporates movement, breath and attention together in a dynamic but gentle rhythm.

The practice begins on a physical level, releasing tension through the joint system and developing strength through coordinated activity with the limbs in weight bearing stances, practiced in rhythm with the breath.

A deepening awareness of the breath is then cultivated through specific patterns of arm movements (prana mudra) which slow down the mind and draw the attention internally. Additionally these arm movements are practiced to develop strength in the arms for nursing and carrying the newborn child. They are also very effective in reducing tension around the neck and shoulders when breast-feeding.

As the attention is drawn inwards with the breath, the woman gains confidence in herself and a strong intuitive connection. It is through being able to draw upon this inner focus that many women have had a more joyful and profound experience both during the pregnancy and through the birth of their child.

All levels of experience welcome including complete beginners.

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