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Q I have never done yoga before, where should I start?

A A six week introductory course will introduce the basic joint movements (chalanas) as well as give you a basic understanding of coordinating movement with your breathing. Stances to develop strength and stamina are also taught in these courses.

Q I have done some yoga before and am not sure where to start.

A If you have done some yoga previously and are out of practice then it is best to start with an Introductory Course which covers the basic joint movements (chalanas) and develops co-ordination with the breathing and movement. If you are a studentof another school of yoga it is also good to start with an Introductory course as the movements and preparatory work of Shadow Yoga are not commonly taught in most yoga schools. It is comparable to  learning a new language, while some skills are transferable, ie bodily awareness, flexibilty etc, one still needs to learn the basic vocabulary and grammar in the beginning. The development of the breathing rhythm together with the attention to correct positioning and alignment of the major joints in the body is accomplished first through simple and uncomplicated movements. Patience is required in this first stage to achieve this before moving on to learning the first full prelude, the Balakrama.

Q Do I need to bring a mat?

A Mats are provided at the studio.

Q What should I wear?

A Any comfortable clothes you can move about freely in are recommmended

Q I am pregnant, is Shadow Yoga suitable for me?

A Pregnancy is a unique time in your life and your yoga practice will reflect this. For this reason, pregnancy yoga classes to support you during pregnancy are taught at Islington Yoga